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Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (FEPS)

What is FEPS?

FEPS was started in May 2005, to pay rent for tenants with children. It’s like Jiggetts relief.

How do I qualify for FEPS?

  • You must have an eviction case in court.
  • You must be a tenant with one year lease, or Rent Stabilized or Rent Controlled.
  • You must have an active welfare case, and no one can be sanctioned.
  • You must have children under 18 living with you.

How much can the rent be per month?

Household size Maximum rent
1 $650
2 750
3 750
4 900
5 1,000
6 1,050
7 1,100
8 1,200

What if my rent is higher?

Your rent can be no more than $100 over the above amounts.

How much back rent (arrears) will be paid?

The most back rent that will be paid is $7,000.

Do people in the home have to pay if they aren’t on welfare?

Yes, people not on welfare must pay a share of the rent.

I receive Food Stamps – will FEPS lower my Food Stamps?

No, your Food Stamps will remain the same.

I receive Jiggetts now – do I have to change to FEPS?

Not yet – your Jiggetts will stay in effect until 2007 as long as you are on welfare and have children and aren’t sanctioned.

How can I apply?

Call any Legal Services office, or call the Legal Aid Society at (718) 722-3100.

This article was posted April 01, 2007